Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eid Mubarak part II

In this Lebaran days, I didn't choose kaftan or gamis as my uniform, I play with mom's sarong mix with one of my favorite blouse. Have no wonder if it's turns out to be good. But it's good right? ;p let's we move into another topic, I really love lebaran's day, there are so many pretty and delicious food that you rarely find, there are so many gift, aaaaanddd a lot of money hahaha yes in my family there's a tradition the older people will give an angpao for younger family member, and it always be fun because we should ask an apologize first or "sungkem" and then we will get an angpao, automatically my revenue will increase in lebaran days hahaha. But from all of fun things that I said above the most thing that I love is family gathering, so much happiness, laughter, warm hugs, so much fun, so much picture that we have. Can't say anything than loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  <3

unbranded mocca blouse / mom's sarong / Bellagio shoes / Muii Shop necklaces


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