Monday, September 3, 2012

Pretty and Natural with D'eyeko Premium Lashes

Just received some pretty eyelashes from D'eyeko Premium Lashes.  People in Indonesia called eyelashes as Bulu Mata (in bahasa) cute right? :p. I'm soooo in Love with it, because it put inside an elegant packaging that suppaaaa nice. In the back of the box there's a tutorial how to use it and it also came with a glue that really easy to use. Anyway D'eyeko Lashes is an international product which is 100% handmade and made from natural hair, so it's looks natural like our own eyelashes. And I got 4 sample already, Leghtening lashes, Super full lashes, and two special lashes was design by Olga Lydiaa a senior model from Indonesia,  Flirtatious and In da club. How can I'm not so happy???

Many womens have big desire to have a pretty perfect face. But there is not something perfect in this world, even human. God created us with different looks, different types and also, different characters. Some people was created in beauty package, pretty eyes, sexy lips, sharp nose, long eyelashes, gaunt cheecks, and many moore. But the others is not, and they aren't confidence with them self. God created us with the beauty of us, every women has it beauty, you just need to made people know about it. I used to  felt that I don't have a perfect nose or a long eyelashes, but hey I live in modern era where so many way to covered my lack. So, I don't mind it, I just trying to made me, my self still beauty without a plastic surgery. I can put some make up or used some treatment and maintain. Because of I have a short eyelashes, I like to used an eyelashes in some formal event or when I've some photoshoot. I also used it when I'm on my job or on duty as a tourism ambassador.

 Choose an eyelashes isn't easy, some eyelashes not compatible with my eyes, it's too long or too much curve. I have an experience when I used an eyelashes somtimes the glue isn't survive until the end of events, and it sucks by the way, because I shud try to fix it many times -_______- But when I tried D'EYEKO EYELASHES I shouldn't witness that moment again, yippiiiii! It's my first time wearing this product but I don't have much trouble when try them on, and I shudn't make it fit in my eyes because the lenght  is already fix on mine. the lashes also really soft, and it's not turns out too much when I wearing them. D'eyeko Eyelashes products also came out with variant types so you can choose what kind of lashes that suitable with your needs.

Unbranded dress / Muii Shop accecories / Shoes-Bellagio / D'eyeko Eyelashes Lengthening
My first D'eyeko Eyelashes product that I wore is Lenghtening, It has a very softy lashes and a length   lashes, but it doesn't look too much, and it turn out dramatic on my eyes. Gosh, I can't say anything than what a beautiful lashes. D'eyeko eyelashes besides it easy to wearing them it also very comfortable and lightweight, I shudn't blindked manytimes. I really love it.....My favorite lashes is Eyelashes that design by Olga Lidya, because I can wearing theme in many occasion.  If you feel that you have same problems with me this product very recommended. So, I don't needs a plastic surgery to made my lashes longer right hehehe.

Well I thought we can use many ways to make our self more pretty, besides plastic surgery. Just like me that really love wearing eyelashes to cover my short lashes. But the most important thing is we should be grateful with everything that God gives for us, everything that we had. Even when we cover our lack with thick make up, follow some treatment, or take a plastic surgery, all of that will be totally worthless if we can't grateful with everything that we have, we can't make our self proud and confidence with what we have. If you take a plastic surgery and you still feel if you're ugly you'll have desire to change your face, make it perfect, again and again. but if you get your confidence you just need a little help to make your beauty comes out. Because I barely understood that basically only our self who can make us beauty, so just be your self and be proud of your self! We are beauty in different ways :)

Anyway thank you D'eyeko eyelashes for your pretty producst. And thank you for make my lashes more pretty in natural looks....I LOVE IT!

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