Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Prayers

Happy Independence Day Indonesia! Now you're turning 66, wooohhoooo!
Last night I found this quote
"Berikan aku 1000 orang tua,niscaya akan kucabut semeru dari akarnya.Berikan aku 1 pemuda,niscaya akan kuguncangkan dunia"-Soekarno
And this quote inspiring me to make this post, as a youth and agent of change we must make our country more better in the future, no more hunger, malnutrition, dropouts, poverty, corruption, diversion of policies or lack of education in rural area. What should we do? well, we can start from a simple way, just be grateful with everything that we have, don't be greedy...and do your best to make your country proud, shouldn't be a millionaire nor a genius one, it's just need your sincerity and desire, contribute your talents and speak the world!take your time to helping each other, or if you confuse to start your desire, you can join organization or youth activities in your school, campus, city or international area. I also do it reader. Don't be shy, or lazy to make a change, we can't only just sit and watch, Small action is much way better than nothing :) LET'S ACT!

This is lists of national organizations that you can join or make them as your inspiration :)
Indonesian Future Leaders - it's also has many chapter in Yogya, Bandung, Sulawesi, etc
Young On Top

I was quite surprise see this! Google make an awesome logo for Indonesia Independence Day, cute!

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