Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes you! hey SMILE

Her :"Win, why I never see you 'confusion' on twitter, are you never feel sad?"
Me :"Hahahaha no dear, sometimes I feel sad, confusion, miserable but I just didn't show it :P"
Her :"Really? why you wouldn't show it? are you never have a fight with your boyfriend, friends?or maybe family's problem?"
Me :"hahaha why you ask that?"
Her :"no, I just curios with that hehehe, everytimes when I met you, your smiley always appear on your face and you're still funny!!!"

Well, I was quite surprised when heard her question, it's odd. As a human naturally sometimes I get in trouble, feel mad with someone, desperate, have a fight with my boyfie, broken hurt and cry..........I'm normal :D I had ever become a mushery, yes when I was kids I really a cry-baby hahaha. But fortunetly I have a wonderful mom, she always taught me how to stand up and to move on when the world is not beside me...The most important lesson she taught was grateful, she's always remind me to grateful when I feel sad, feel desperate, and remind me to always lookdown, down to earth and hummble... out there, there're so many people whose lives have suffered compared with me. All of that can make me strong, calm and control my emotions in overcoming problems. Well, when I feel really-really down I've always listened "smile" this song is such a magic spell that miraculously can make me SMILE when I was cryied and even in my worst day :) 

"Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile, If you just smile"

True, so why should I crying, mad and having regret continuously??? something happens for a reason, If today is your worst day just thinkin that God is wanna make you grow up and there're so many great and beautiful lesson behind that. Just smile and face it!

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