Monday, August 22, 2011

Orange Squash

At first, I didn't like iphone nor ipod touch but seeing Twitter's timeline and blog there're many people shared they picture using instagram and the result is just awesome, and it make my mind changed, now I'm in love with it just because the instagram haha, mama I want! wish someone kindly buy it for me *wink
handmade - blazer / contempo - top / Hermes - belt / Unbranded - shortpants / Bandung - heels / DIY - bracelet


  1. u r so cute! love the DIY bracelet! :)
    nice blog u have here, <3

    salam kenal yaa, sama2 orang Jogjah nih.. :p

    visit my blog, n let's follow each other! ^^
    Icha from

  2. love your bracelet dear ! bagus warnanya. hehehe :D

    The Endless Wishlist

  3. comfortable look!
    kalo di jokja, kapan2 meet up aja. should be fun :)


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