Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I really like black, because that's make me look slim hehehehe. Truthfully, I often feel that I'm getting fat from day to day. I've been feeling envy with all the supermodel that I see on magazine or tv. once I was tried to have a diet. I really obssesed to being thin, and I don't care with my health. then I realized that having those kind of body, Isn't importent, hey my weight is proportional although it's not as thin as supermodel, but I don't care. I thought that the most important thing is I should more grateful with my body now, all my body limbs work well and I don't have any phisical deficiencies alhamdulillah ya Allah :) Once more, being thin is not always good if you get it with wrong way, it's much better to keep our body healthy with doing exercises and eat a healthy food than you strain your body with wrong diet

top friend's boutique, unbranded skirt, yongki komaladi shoes, aunt's orange bag, 
random bangles and necklaces, unbranded hat

hey fyi, I got this black top from my friend's boutique, but sorry I can't tell you the link now, it'll be launch soon. it has very cute and unique colletion, I promise I'll tell you if she's ready to open her shop :)

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