Wednesday, December 1, 2010

love me,love me,say that you love me...

i'm sorry for my lately post. after one week holiday (because of merapi eruption) my college life has been starting since two week ago and of course I was busy with many assigment :( it's make me lazy to blogging and playing dress up, I prefer to finish my assigment, hanging out or just take a rest hehehe. I know I shouldn't to complain but I really miss blogging either blog in blogspot or tumblr :( oke, I'll stop writing. sorry if it's bored you peeps :P 

this lovely picture was taken two or three week ago. but as you know I already have a spare time to post it. thank you my R, I really happppy!!! <3 anyway some pople said that my boyfie have a similar face with 'asta' RAN, I told him soo, but he disagree with me -___-" what do you think peeps? :P

me : ceile-centro top, kaori high waisted short, 
marie claire wedges, random bangles, various necklases made by my aunt
him : black t-shirt, casual jeans, safety shoes

for more photo clik here

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