Monday, January 14, 2013

A moment to remember

In 2012 there was many weddings that attended by me, I really love wedding! You know it's kinda romantics when Someone ask you, and finally you say "I do" then they promise to live forever to love forever in any situation, in sorrow or joy, in sickness or health, for riches or poorer and to live forever and to full fill each other. Weddings is one of the happiness moment in life, so I really happy for every couple who got married and I'm so excited to attend every wedding invitation hahaha. Soon, I'll give you some romantics wedding blog that I've always read, maybe you'll get inspiring from them. In this post I was attend in Uma and Rendy Wedding Party, it was held in "GOR UMY" the wedding decoration was sooooooooo gooooooooooood, the Solo tradition's really feel in the decoration and also the wedding dress. But poor me because of soo many people who's been invitated I can't take they picture. Violet color dominated the looby and their "akad dress" also being published. Happy wedding for you two, wih you both have a longlasting married till your nail stop growing 

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