Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dad's Birthday

actually, this picture was took a few years ago, when my dad's birthday. We had a special dinner in Gajah Wong resto, the resto is pretty awesome, I love the decoration, Gajah Wong Resto has 3 different places with different themes, Classic Europe, Etnic Java and Indonesian. When I was in there we choose to had a dinner in Classic Europe place. The place was very romantic with a candle light in the table, beautiful song from the singer with a classic piano. And guess what, They give my dad surprise! In the middle of dinner the lamp was suddenly turn off, after that one of the waitress out from I don't know where with a bunch of fruits cake. And the birthday song heard throughtout the room.Wow what a lovely....
You should try this, for sure!!! It's damn yummy...the cake's very soft, sweet and it has cold sensation. I'm not lying, very recommended. But I forget the name of this cake hahahahaha, I just remember that it's a caramel cake hehehe sorry
Unbranded- little black dress, Marie Claire-Shoes
esprit-red clutch
And jeng...jeng....jeng...My siter tried to sing in there. She's sing "Somewhere Out There" She had a very beautiful voice, yeah I know I really envy with heeeer, all I can do just sitting beside her and pose hahaha

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