Monday, May 16, 2011

Inside Mulberry

Do you wanna see what's inside my bag? Today, I'll show you peeps....

  1. My favorite Mulberry bag, I really in Love with this bag, I love the fabric, the color, the shape, and because of the bag size is big enough it's simplify me when I'm in hurry, just grab it, grab that and put it inside
  2. My Guess purse
  3. The third is my coins pocket
  4. My BOUM perfume, soft fragrance, I didn't like perfume with a hard fragrance...doesn't smells good for me
  5. SunDisk flashdisk, it's a gift from my R
  6. kjshdjgsad
  7. Tissue
  8. COOL glasses, I wear it just for style you know hehehehe
  9. Headset
  10. Blackberry smarthphone to keep in touch with all my friends, family and browsing
  11. BB's silikon
  12. My old phone, Nokia 3350 classic, I had so many memories with this phone. Especially I often wrote my daily life on that note, So you can guess, there are many stories during my teenager life was stored in there :D

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