Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love, Love Earth ♥

Extrem weather now has engulfed us... The weather is really unpredictable, in the afternoon the sun look shine very bright and strong but suddenlly in the evening or night rain clouds were waiting for the heavy rain. When the heavy rain come with the thunderous lightnings, I've always scared, I close my face or my ear so I couldn't see or heard the lightnings... The weather also make many problems, such as flood, disease, crop failure, the food crisis and for the citizents who lived in around Merapi it's make cold lava flood that really dangerous and detremintal for them. Probably, most of us already know why it can be happen to us. Global warming is the greates answer for all problems above. My thought said that we should more care with our environment and make a change!!! Human should more bless and grateful with all the things that earth and nature give for they. Don't over exploit the nature just for personal gain. Don't be greedy! Our earth's need us, need our help...If we refuse to help the earth, then who???

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Honestly until now I still not optimal to protecting the environment but I swear I will increase my actions immediately. And I have a simple way to protect the environment : 

  • Put the garbage in a right place...Oke it's sounds classic but you know what for me it's really difficult! I've been trying to waste garbage in a right place, but sometimes I forget or to lazy to move on to find the nearest trash and just throw away, my bad hehehehe :p
  • Use your car or motorcycle with wisely I mean don't waste your personal vehicle's BBM. If you just wanna go out to supermarket nearest your home you can go by foot, it also can be good for your health too! Don't be spoiled...
  • Use your Air Conditioner with wisely too...
  • Start to love eco-friendly product and grateful with all the things that we have and don't be greedy!
  • And the most important thing is we should try to love our earth. I love my earth, it's a place that give me a life, place where I grow up, have so many beautiful memories, I could dinner with my family, hang out with my mom, found my love, met many nice guys, lovely friends, and a place where I learn many good lesson in life :) 
I don't wanna hurt my love anymore...

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  1. hey ho
    lets love our motherearth
    and I heart ur casual style :D


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