Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egg Roll

Unbranded top, Sneak Leather belt, Unbranded high waist skirt, Rockport shoes, Saint Jack bag, Centro bangles

Finally my final exam is over...wishing for the best result ya Allah☺ And now it's time to holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy wohoooo! I really need to refresh my brain and need to rest my body...Anyway now I joined student community in my kampus called HMJA, it's amazingly surprise...I passed the interview test Alhamdulilah :) The interview was difficult, I have to deal with a bunch of senior and they ask me many things. Eventhough I'm still apprentice in there but I really happy, I can meet up with so many nice friends and senior, you guys are nice :) Anyway next week my boyfie will come from Cepu! Gonna spent 2 precious holiday with him and a long long holiday with my girls, my friends and family 

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