Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Blast

Last week was a special day for Mr.R! Happy birthday for you R...For celebrate it we have dinner in Parsley near Ambarukmo Plasa, this is one of my favorite resto because the place is strategic, homy and near my house hahaha. Parsley has two resto, the one that we visited has chinese menu and the other resto has westren menu. My favorite menu is I fu mie, I like the taste of noodle, the noodle still crispy and poured on top some chinese sauce, it's soooooo delicioussssss. But poor me I forgot to take pict of our I fu mie huhu. Other menu that we ordered are two kind of siomays, there're so many kind of siomay in there I'm almost confuse to decide. Lucky me siomay that we ordered is a good choice

 And I should tell you that I've cut my hear into short style. I've a very bad bad bad hair fall so I decided to cut it and start hair fall treatment. How does it look?I'm look more younger, right?
 I haven't special gift for him, just bouhgt a denim jacket and made a birthday wishes video from his friends. But I have special wishes for him, and I can't tell you beacuse it's just tooo special :D

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