Friday, February 17, 2012


hang out with my girls in Roemah Mirota, the house of Ice cream, you can find so many variant delicious Ice creams in there. Best friends are the best medicine when our life going too messy, or when someone that you love leave you with no reason, the point is best friend are my angel when my life, my campus life or my love life are not as good as I hope...Thank you for always be there for me and give me your free hugs and laughter. I love you

The interior design of Roemi (Roemah Mirota) are also cute, I love the lamps anyway. Wanna have one to my room or my house.

Like always we had so much fun there and made some ridiculous pose. Cute right?
this picture was an accident at first I'm not in my focus when I captured her but I don't know why I love this picture especially the harmony of the color.Maybe like Diana Rikasari said "blur is the new focus" that's right D
Smile you're in candid camera :D

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