Thursday, December 22, 2011

All that you did was Love

Hay, long time no blogging guys...I'm sorry I know I'm such a bad blogger but my campus activity has been very busy, and few months ago I joined a contest namely the selection of tourism ambassador. I'll post the pictures latter oke, I'm promise *wink* All of that makes me don't have my quality time to post something on my blog, And now, my post actually a gift for mom in this Mother's day 

 My Birthday Party when I was 1 year maybe I don't remember hahaha. I celebrated with my lovely family and looook I'm a big-fatty baby right? hahahahaha
Mom's birthday
Happy mother's day mom,
 thank you for always makes me smile even in my worst day, thank you for your advices when my relationship was end up, when I cannot solve my problems alone. thank you for always beside me when I got fever, thank you for always support me when I only got 5 in mathematics, to always support me to reach my dreams and make it come true, to give me your prayers, to teach me to be a strong and smart women, to understand me, to listen whenever I tell you about everything. to gave me your beautiful dress, to a morning wake up just to put make up on me, thank you for everything mom. I swear mom I'll bring many joys and beautiful life for you

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