Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Wanna Grow Old with You

This post dedicated for someone who always been in my heart for the past year until now...Well, it's going to one of the-hardest-post-to-write. Finally we've celebrated our first anniversary with a thousand miles between us, no sing, no present, no surprise, I hope you're oke with this. Actually I wanted to made this wonderful, made a surprise but it's all just messed up. I'm going to ruin this, I'm sorry...

So, here I go, hai Raya, we've been together for the hundred-something days and definitely there're many story behind it. I feel that this years, 'dancing' with you was going so fast. Although, sometimes we weren't dance with good, sometimes we can't move together as always, I have my own way and so does you, sometimes we weren't enjoy the music that we play...Despite these, there're the distance between us, we were separated a thousand miles away, it's make us can't meet up everyday or whenever I want you around me at the moment. But you're always helped me to keep dancing with you even we're not at the same floor.

Previously,I have no wonder that I will be yours. For the first knowing you just like got the pandora box, It's can be sweet or bitter. I don't know what's inside the box until I have the courage to open it. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the content of pandora's box, and I keep it until now.The reason why I've accepted you a years before because you're different, You have changed me, I become more religious. My emotion also more stabil, no more being devil when PMS. No more want this, and want that. You have made me more humble and live simply. You're such a prince that I've been searching for.

Thank you, for the joy you brought me. For being the person who always remind me to do my prayers. For being the person who always smile whenever I came to you with the frowning face. For still being there and still listening whenever I babble about everything in my life. For making the darkness bright.  For making me a women and start learn cooking. For always support me to pursue my dreams and make it come true. For making me wanting to be a much better person. For the morning gift surprise. For the advices. For the funny bbm and dm. For the dates. For the endless call. For the  warm hugs. For the pretty flat shoes. For the family gathering. For giving me the little RJ. For the movie. For the culinary travel. For the laughs. For the surprise, stolen kisses. For the night lulaby. For the morning greeting. For asking me to be more than your friend and be a part of your life.

Happy anniversary sweetheart, I hope we can continue dancing for years after until forever. Dance to the rhythm of life. Whatever song that life gift, blues, jazz, rock, boogie, hiphop. Shouldn't care about the custom or guessing about the next song, just dance with me for the harmonization and beautiful rhythm of life (I found this quote from someone blog, but I forget the blog address *sigh) And If it turns out that this is the only year we can dancing together...Iam sure I will never regret for having this relationship. But I will stay forever until we depart, just like the song 'All I wanna do, is grow old with you'

I wish that you're my other half...

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  1. ihiiyyyy... semoga langgeng yaaa kalian berdua!
    So happy reading this post truly! :)


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