Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mr and Mrs Blue

Last week, my friends, my boyfie and I watched Maliq d'essential and Soulvibe in JEC, this event presented by Fkg(faculty of dentistry) Gajah Mada University it's called 'Dental Night'. The shows was great! It was simply but nice. I had so much fun there. And fortunately a friend of mine is one of committee, so I can got a good sit, vvip in third row...closer from the stage hehehehe
Unbranded jeans shirt, X-8 black jeans, Guess bag
Anyway I love Angga's dance it's cool and fun, makes me want to shake my body too :D
It was first time I can watch a Live music with him, and we didn't prepared to wear a blue-blue clothes, It's truly accidentally! hehehehe
Tadaaaaa, that's mas bayu and Tea, they match, Isn'it? :P

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