Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Hair Cut!

It's been pretty a while since my last post, ohh I miss blogging so much...but I had so many campus activities and a lot of assignment *sigh...Anyway I've a little surprise for you, Jeng, jeng, jeng........I have a new hair cut! wohoooooo!!! even it's just a bit shorter, but I'm happy with my new hair! My head feels lighter and floated hehehe. I've took this picture in one of gloomy day, so I grabbed a warmly outfit, and my choice goes to my polkadot dress with a warm and comfy cardigan. I bought this brown cardigan from my friend's boutique. Do check out more of her collection at Chilly Shop
Unbranded polkadot dress, Chilly Shop cardigan, C.Dior bag as clutch, flat shoes from Holland
Sorry for the bad picture, I didn't took it with SLR or pocket camera as ussual but I've took it with my sister's blackberry :P

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